Used Commercial Truck Financing

Used Commercial Truck Financing

For many concrete supply companies that want fast paced logistics and to make sure that they offer reliable and on-time delivery services, buying a new truck may be the ideal solution. However, with these costs often being quite high, taking out truck finance for a used vehicle can often be a more worthwhile idea.

An example funding scenario:

  • A concrete supply company wants to expand their business in logistics to keep up with their increasing work load
  • They want to finance a 2017 Fuso Fighter 1627, 270 HP
  • Purchase price of the vehicle: $124,000
  • Odometer: 35,482
  • They’ve been self-employed for 4 years
  • There is equity in the truck
  • The director is a company home owner
  • They have a good credit history

Outcome of this scenario:

  • An application form is taken online
  • Financials from the past 2 years are requested from the client’s accountant
  • The finance proposal for $124,000 is approved a day later
  • The security of the finance is the equipment being financed (the Fuso Fighter Truck)
  • The client was able to get on the road and fulfil more of their business needs

This is just one example of how an ordinary finding scenario could go for one of these types of trucks – and other factors can often play a role in eligibility for an individual to finance a truck. There are also several other types of trucks, used or brand new, that can be financed too, including:

  • Nissan
  • Hino
  • Volvo
  • Iveco
  • Mitsubishi
  • Isuzu

If you would like to get a finance pre-approval, why not head over to the online pre-approval page of our website?



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